Our Story

We all love an inspiring story. We love it when the hero saves the day and the dark force they are fighting is vanquished. Today, you and I have a chance to be that hero. Together as a community, we have the opportunity to change our world for the better. Sometimes in life, it is the small gifts that make the biggest impacts. By sharing our gifts and working together, we can build a better community.

Many of us deal with worry and fear when unexpected challenges arise; and, sometimes feel isolated. At Yeah it’s a Handout! we want to offer support for those who find themselves in need by offering a helping hand. We stand together, work together and support each other.

A couple of winters ago I was laid off from my job and had to collect unemployment. As a seasonal employee who plows snow in the winter, we needed supplemental income for the days or weeks that it doesn’t snow. I struggled through the process of filling out forms. Not knowing if I filled everything out correctly, I picked up the phone and called the unemployment helpline, only to be put on hold for almost three hours. Although I didn’t have much else going on, I felt that was simply too long to sit on hold. So, I hopped online and tried to get a hold of them that way. After about an hour of searching and emailing random departments, I was able to locate a way to get in touch with the UIA office. Now, I just had to wait a day or two to get a response 😁. Laura and I are always fine when the winter months roll around, but being put on unemployment always makes things interesting and a little harder at times. This journey really impacted me and I began to think of the others who found themselves in the same situation. If I felt this anxious, imagine how others must feel. Others with no access to Internet, no phone service or a vehicle. Imagine how difficult this “simple” process might become for them.

Even with internet, phone and a vehicle, it was still a nightmare to collect even one check. Most people applying for unemployment are hard working people, just like you and I, a little down on their luck.

Since this incident, I feel I have become pretty proficient with the unemployment system. I know the ins and outs, what to expect, and most importantly - how to get a hold of somebody when an issue arises.

So here is my idea! Nobody should have to go through this alone. What if I could help someone through this process? What other types of processes are out there that could make someone feel so small and all alone? Purchasing health care, buying a house or taking out a loan - these processes are difficult even for people who are familiar with them. What if there was an organization that offered assistance/education for processes such as these? What if the same organization offered help for other unexpected dilemmas, such as home repairs one doesn’t know how to fix on their own? What if fellow community members offered their gifts to others when these challenges arose? Sadly, some folks don’t have a circle of friends or family to rely on when life throws a curveball. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a community based organization ready to lend a hand?

YOU CAN HELP! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! It’s easy, just take the gifts given to you and help out your neighbor. If you have money to give, use it to bless someone. If you have information, share it with those that could benefit from it. If you have a skill, use it to help someone who doesn’t share that same skill. We all have gifts and we’d love to share yours with our brothers and sisters in need. It doesn’t have to be a big commitment, “A little bit of yeast works through the whole dough." Be bold. Be a hero. Be part of our better community.